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In Baja California free-hand (bouldering) rock climbing is high-lighted  En Baja California in Cataviña and in La Misión Beach.

El Picacho del Diablo is the tallest mountain of the Baja California Peninsula with 3,100 m (10,100 ft) of altitude, located in the Sierra of San Pedro Mártir, in the city of Ensenada. All of the sierra is solid granite; various routes exist for ascending to  Picacho del Diablo, but without a doubt the direction facing the northeast is the most difficult, in which if someone wants to climb this way, they better be fully prepared. In fact, there are no easy routes for climbing the Picacho, its climb requires physical conditioning and a lot of preparation. It is the most challenging and important challenge Baja California offers to climbers.


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