Wendlandt Brewery

Wendlandt Cervecería y Bar en Ensenada.

Wendlandt Brewery

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The idea surged when it was situated in Ensenada, Baja California where day to day the love for food and local drinks grow. We opened our doors the 20th of April of 2012 with the finality of offering a likable space where you can enjoy our beer and food.

Ingredients of the highest quality are incorporated for the elaboration of our beer like that of fresh ingredients raised locally that we use in our dishes.

We work hard so that you can have the best of the best, we know that you will appreciate this. We firmly believe in creating a community and promoting smart consumption.


Boulevard Costero, Federal Highway 1 #248

Zona Centro



Baja California

Contact Info

Telephone:  (646) 178 2938

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CerveceriaWendlandt

Website: wendlandt.com.mx

E-mail: info@wendlandt.com.mx

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