Quercus Restaurant

Quercus restaurante en Ensenada

Quercus Restaurant

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Introduce your concept of the kitchen of the author, where it combines a series of styles and techniques with the most varied famous products by their international demand of this generous region. Supported by an artesanal kitchen, here an all natural aspect takes the main role,  where an outdoor environment ties in with the flavors that the wood and its smoke can be incorporated into our culinary creations, without leaving behind the best wines of the region since here they are considered the most prestigious vineyard houses that make it possible for us to offer products for all tastes and likings.


Street C, San Antonio De Las Minas, Baja California, Mexico

Contact Info

Telephone: (646) 155 31 67
Facebook: facebook.com/QuercusRestaurante
Webpage: www.quercusrestaurante.com

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