El Coyote Meling Ranch

Rancho El Coyote Meling

El Coyote Meling Ranch

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Cabins, pool, green areas, natural lake, wading pool, volleyball courts, sanitaries and showers, grills, horses and mules for rent, horse rides, cattle area, rainbow trout fishing, exploration of gold mines gambusia style, mountain cycling activities, motorcycling, camping, mountain climbing and hunting. Constructed in 1950 is one of the few constructions of adobe and wood that has been conserved to this date. The road is not recommendable for mobile homes.

Capacity for 300 people.


Km. 141 Transpeninsular Highway #1 Ensenada, San Quintín, passing Colonet, arrive at San Telmo de Abajo and take the road towards the East tSan Pedro Mártir, continue for 50 km.

Contact Info

Telephone: (646) 177 12 69

In the U.S. (619) 390 09 05

Email: ranchoelcoyotemeling@hotmail.com


Website: www.ranchoelcoyote.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Rancho-El-Coyote

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