Malagón Vineyards

Viñedos Malagón Ensenada

Malagón Vineyards

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Just a short 3 hour trip from Orange County and you are transported to a serene paradise where cellphones, emails and due dates are left behind in exchange for the intoxicating sound of nature, a fresh breeze and pure rest and relaxation. Accommodated in the picturesque Valle de Guadalupe. Viñedos Malagón rests on 400 acres of wavy hills and a pristine camp. The ranch has existed for more than 100 years. During the last years of the Malagon family it has focused on converting it into one of the best vineyards and “breakfast in bed” inn of the region. The 3 rooms have been remodeled and furnished with gorgeous pieces elaborated by the local artisans.


6th street #75 town of Francisco Zarco

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Telephone: (646) 155 2102

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