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Use of a telephone in Ensenada

Local calls dial the 7 digit number

For calls to the U.S. or Canada, dial 0011-the code ad the 7 digit number

To make a call to Ensenada from the U.S. or Canada, dial 01152 (646) and the 7 digit number.

Important Telephone Numbers
  • Red Cross 174-4545 o 174-4585
  • Local Police 176-4343
  • Firefighters 177-6016 o 1771325
  • State Police 176-3636 o 153-2500
  • Federal Preventive Police 176-1311 o 176-3640
  • Del Sol Pharmacy 176-3775
  • Pro-tourism 178-2411
  • State Secretary of Tourism 172-5444
  • Immigration Offices 174-0164 o 174-0165
  • Chamber of Commerce of Ensenada 174-0994 o 172-3081
  • CANIRAC (Chamber of Restaurants) 174-0448 o 174-0435 fax
  • Protection to the Consumer (PROFECO) 174-0313
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses 172-5444 y 178-2411
  • City Hall 176-1751
Attention to Tourists

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • 066 Police and Ambulances
  • 065 Red Cross
  • 078 Highway help and tourist information


Telephone Dialing

To dial to Mexico from a foreign place, the code is 52. If you are dialing from Mexico, long distance national code is 01; for calls to the United States and Canada is 001, other countries 00.



In Mexico the coin is the Mexican peso, that circulates in bills of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 pesos, and coins of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 pesos and 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. The American dollar is accepted at all of the money exchange houses of the country, as well as the Canadian dollar en the Euro. The type of change is around $16 pesos per American dollar, $11. 70 pesos per Canadian dollar and $18.80 pesos per Euro. The digits change each day. At the page of the Bank of México you can consult updated information.



The Americans and Canadians who wish to enter the country do not need a Visa. They must only present and fill out the “Tourist Migratory Form, Transmigrant, Visitor Business Person or Advisor”, available in foreign travel agencies, at Airlines or the entering point to Mexico.

Foreign tourists can remain in Mexico 180 days. When they enter via airline, the rights fee (approx. 20 american dollars) is included in the cost of the plane ticket. If you enter by land you must pay the rights fee during your stay and accredit the payment when exiting. The tourists that enter by land and remain for less than 7 days in the country do not have to pay the fee.

All of the travelers are authorized to introduce to Mexico the equivalent to 300 american dollars in merchandise, as well as personal luggage, sporting and photography equipment. The articles that excede this amount must pay tax that is 32.8% of the exceeding item(s) value.


National Migration Institute
Puerta México, Línea internacional s/n.
Col. Federal. Tijuana, B.C.
Telefono: 01 (664) 682 9862

Important Information

Your commodity and security are very important to us. Please take a few minutes to consult the Visitor’s Information section. Here you will find suggestions and recommendations for a pleasant stay.



YOU CAN CALL 01-800-025-3991 FROM MEXICO OR 1-888-310-9687 FROM THE U.S.


  • Having car insurance is recommended. You must carry your valid license and registration in your vehicle. Use safety seat belts.


  • If you are stopped for a transit infraction accompany the officer to the closest station an receive your fine. Avoid bribery. Remember that carrying weapons and drugs is highly punished in Mexico.


  • In the case of the foreigner who comes with tourism purposes, they will have to document themselves with the Tourist Migratory Form, where your stay will be considered, from 1 to 180 days and will have to do it at the entrance port (whether it be by land, sea, or airline), at the same time the foreigner is subjected to pay the DNI. For complete information about the FM-T, required documents and fees, visit or contact a Consulate of Mexico.


  • The Value-Added Tax (VAT) is 16% in Baja California. The hotels and mobile home camps charge an additional tax generally included in the tariff. If you have any questions, you are encouraged to ask regarding it.


  • Adults older than 21 years can bring up to 1 liter of liquor, wine or beer.


  • The state of Baja California applies the Pacific time zone and the summer schedule.


  • The climate in Ensenada is similar to San Diego with sunny summer refreshed by the ocean breeze. In the winter it experiences rain. Casual outfits are accepted at the majority of the restaurants. If you would like you can dress more formal for special occasions or business meetings.


  • Avoid throwing trash or leaving graffiti. Help conserve the environment of Baja California.


  • Use your common sense and do not do anything you would not do in your place of origen.
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