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Marinas and boat services

Marinas and boat services


Scenic Highway

This route is called scenic because it runs by the coast of the Pacific Ocean and has a spectacular view. It accounts for two lanes of both directions and is mainly administrated by CAPUFE (Roads and Federal Bridges) where you will come across a toll booth, the fee is $31.00 MN and will give you access to the highway as well as road services like:

  • Center of Telephone Attention 074 (CAT 074)
  • Pre-Hospital Medical Attention Services
  • Road Aid Services
  • Radio Communication Services
  • Sanitary Services

Transpeninsular Highway

Federal No.1

The Federal Highway 1, also known as the Transpeninsular Highway, travels through the whole peninsula of Baja California, starting from Tijuana and ending at Cabo San Lucas. It is free from tolls is in good conditions.
It is important to respect the transit signals and the indications provided by the authorities throughout your trip.

Federal Highway No.3

Another alternative to those headed in the south direction of the state, drive through the Federal Highway No. 3 that starts from the city of Tecate to Ensenada, crossing the Valle de Guadalupe (Wine Route).

mexicoach transporte de autobus

Telephone (664) 685 1440

Autobuses de Baja California

Telephone 01 800 0250 222

TAP autobuses

Telephone: 01 (664) 627 9945

Telephone: 621 2958

Telephone: (664) 104 7400

Peninsula ejecutivo transporte

Telephone: (664) 621 2424

Telephone: (664) 621 2955

Transportes InterCalifornias

Telephone: (664) 683 6282

Telephone: (664) 687 4623

Telephone: (664) 622 2203

Budget Renta De Autos

Telephone: (664) 634-3303

In the International Airport
Telephone: (664) 683-2905

Blvd. Cuauhtémoc No.1705, Zona Río
Telephone: (664) 683-0603

Paseo Centenario No.9575, Zona Río
Telephone: (664) 607-3950
Fax: (664) 607-3949

Hotel Pueblo Amigo
Telephone: (664) 683-5030

Blvd. R. Sanchez Taboada. No. 10401, Zona Río
Telephone: (664) 686-4040

Interior International Airport
Telephone: (664) 683-8130

Blvd. Sánchez Taboada No. 10737 B9 Plaza Minarete Zona Rio, Tijuana, B.C.
Contact: José Gabriel Torres Tapia
Telephone: (664) (664) 634-7537 y (664) 634-2332
Cell phone: (664) 199-8631
Nextel: 152*164923*1

Av. Independencia #1220  Zona Río, Tijuana Baja California.
Telephone: (664) 973-0050 y (664) 973-0052 Zona Río
Telephone: (664) 683-8011 Airport

Address:Blvd. Justo Sierra # 2199, Col. Libertad
Telephone: (686)554-4648

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Address: Calle 8va y Quintana Roo, Zona Este
Telephone: (664) 638-8439 y (664) 638-4595

Ensenada does not account for an Airport, for those who wish to travel by plane the most viable option os the International Airport of Tijuana. the principal port of entrance via airline of the state where the main national airlines services exist and travel to all places throughout the country. An average of 120 flights are realized daily, the airport accounts for two tracks with longitudes of 9 and 12 thousand feet that cover the different necessities of the comercial and private flights.


From the Airport of Tijuana to Ensenada it takes less than 2 hours if traveling by car or taxi.


There is also the option o arriving at the airport of the city of Mexicali, approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes on the highway from the capital of the State to the city of Ensenada.






Other important airports for Baja California, are the airports of San Diego and Lindebergh Field, it is located at 30 minutes from the city of Tijuana. It accounts for 14 airline services that operate 250 flights a day to the most important destinations of the United States as well as connections with diverse international destinations. The Brown Field airport is found only 4 minutes from the border of Mesa de Otay.The majority of its flights are private and carry materials.

You can also arrive at Ensenada by traveling on the sea, there are cruise ships that leave the United States and go back.

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