Bay of San Luis Gonzaga

Away from towns and cities, with only one hotel, restaurant and gift shop, this place is the dream for those who love nature, astrology, fishing, snorkeling, etc. Not only is the shore filled with enchanting activities, near this area you can also find the Calamajué canyon that has been a part of many Baja 1000 races, in other words, those who are fans of the off-road aren’t left out of the list of the people who enjoy what this region has to offer. Visiting this gem will strengthen your love for Baja California, no other place like it exists.

What to do

OffRoad en Ensenada


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Kayak en Ensenada Baja California


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Buceo en Ensenada, Baja California, México


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Pesca Deportiva en Ensenada Baja California

Sport Fishing

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How to get there

Take the Federal Highway No. 3 (San Felipe-Ensenada) in direction to the East, you will stay in this route for about 2.5 hours (197 km), until you reach the intersection with the Federal Highway No. 5.


Stay on the right to incorporate into the Federal Highway No. 5. Continue for 50 km until you come across a roundabout in San Felipe, from there take the first exit, towards the Federal Highway No. 5.


After 145km you will see your destination to your left. Estimated time from the port of Ensenada: 6 hours.

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