Pacific North

Pacific North

This is the most known area and visited by tourists, where you will find the harbor of Ensenada, full of cruise ships that arrive from different parts of the worlds, also the streets in the center are a symbol and tradition, with places to eat with your family, night clubs, bars, hotels, between others. La Bufadora is another impressive place you must visit, the spectacle consists of observing the behavior of the marine geyser that spits out ocean water that can reach up to 20 meters of altitude.

La Misión

Playa La Misión en Ensenada B.C. México

The border between Rosarito and Ensenada is a well known spot for those who seek to enjoy the beach.

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Un grupo desayunando con vista al campo de gold en Baja Mar Ensenada

A destination where you can practice golf and other activities with a view and access to the pacific ocean.

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Tourism Zone

Una familia pasea por la calle primera en la zona turística de Ensenada

Observe and board a cruise ship, meet the magic of the “black market”, the first street, its food and night life. 

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La Bufadora

Un grupo de personas observa el fénomeno natural que es el geiser marino de la Bufadora en Ensenada

Meet the legend of the marine geyser of Baja California.

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Puerto Santo Tomás

Un niño pasea en la tirolesa de las cañadas en Ensenada

A small port for fishermen, with activities in its surroundings. A few minutes from here you will find a recreation park “Las Cañadas”.

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