San Pedro Mártir

This protected area is the most elevated part of the whole peninsula, here you will find the Picacho del Diablo, a mountain that reaches 3,100 meters above sea level, it is an excellent site for cyclists and hikers who are looking for a challenge. Thanks to its geographic position, when you get to the summit you’ll be able to appreciate a variety of sights: to the east of the deserts that are home to the gigantic sahuaros and to the west you will observe the coast of the Pacific Ocean while you are in a wooded area.


In this park you can also fin the astronomic observatory of the UNAM, since its altitude and clean atmosphere allows you to observe the plantes clearly. Its forests are home to species of endemic plants of Baja California, it is a destination that every Californian should visit at one point in their lives.

What to do

Ciclismo en Ensenada Baja California


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Rappel Ensenada Baja California


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Escalada en Ensenada Baja California


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How to get there

Travel on the Transpeninsular Highway or the Federal Highway No.1 toward the south.


Approximately 14 kilometers after passing the Colonet Bridge, you will see to your left the access to the National Park of San Pedro Martir. (Spot marked on the first map).


Rotate to the left and enter the access, the journey to the observatory from this point os approximately 60 km.


It is recommended to have a vehicle of double traction.


The approximate time from the port of Ensenada to the observatory is from 2 1/2 hours to 3.

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