Don Juan Vineyards

Viñedos Don Juan Ensenada

Don Juan Vineyards

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Don Juan vineyards is a small winery located at the Valle de Las Palmas, 28 km to the south of the city of Tecate and 56 km to the north of the Valle de Guadalupe.


The antecedents of Don Juan Vineyards correspond to the company activity of Mr. Don Juan, who has been a participant of the wine industry of the state of Baja California since approximately 20 years ago.


The wines of the Vineyard Don Juan have been made exclusively with grapes cultivated by the company.


Its level of annual production fluctuates between 700 and 1200 boxes, which allows us to give a lot of care to our wines.


Valle de las Palmas,B.C. Km 28 Highway Tecate – Ensenada

Contact Info

Telephone: (664) 681-13-86 y 681-61-12

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