Wines and Valleys

Wines and Valleys

You are invited to explore the valleys responsible of 90% of Mexico’s wine production, multi-medal winning wines and the magic of the wine country. The Mediterranean weather is perfect for grape and olive. The area is also ideal for activities such as tastings, horseback riding, concerts and festivals with extraordinary lodging options too.

Wine route wineries

Ensenada ruta del vino

San Antonio de Las Minas, Valle de Guadalupe, Francisco Zarco, San Marcos, El Sauzal, El Tigre.

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El Porvenir wine route

Ensenada ruta del vino Porvenir

A short route where you can find places such as: El Cielito, Adobe Guadalupe, Las Nubes, Bibayoff, and many places more.

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Old wine route

Ensenada Antigua ruta del vino

Valle de La Grulla (Ejido Uruapan), Valle Santo Tomás y Valle de San Vicente.

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Northern gateway to the wine country

Ensenada ruta del vino norte

Tecate, Valle de Las Palmas, y Valle de Tanamá.

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Ojos Negros wine route

Ensenada ruta del vino Ojos Negros

On this route the wine isn’t the main star, the cheese takes it all!  

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